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Catalysts lower the activation energy of a reaction and speed the reaction rate without themselves becoming permanently altered.

Outside the context of chemistry, to the world where the value changes hands and customers acquisition strategy demands adequate attention, where brand building remains a myth of the legends, where advertising efforts prove futile, where brands quickly fade off. Revenues suffer at all levels, identifying and harness catalysts will lower your struggles, increase the rate at which you attract strangers, gather an audience, nurture leads, convert customers, and baptise them as evangelists.

Catalysts are solid elements and not quick hacks and shortcuts that fade with time. Independent of Instagram algorithms, TikTok tricks, Facebook ad policies and Twitter ban.

Catalysts are timeless principles for above-the-market top-of-the-list optimum performance. They are instrumental to exponential returns and make the business a lot less hard to scale.

This book is about seven catalysts that matter the most and how to harness them to great advantage. You are about to explore the anatomy of running a great business, crafting marketing messages that capture market shares and mindshares. 

In a world littered with drop-dead boring offers, this book will teach you how to become a world-class Chef de Cuisine that serves irresistible offers that make people beg you to take their credit cards.

My goal in this book is to see you become a market leader, a ninja of recurrent sales, a veteran at scaling business, and a skilled sniper with ready triggers that command patronage.

Catalysts (this book) contains only the meaty conversation that truly generates results. Unlike the typical business books with tons of unrelated anecdotes, parables of empty words, and brilliant stories without brilliancy, every word in this book are carefully selected and judiciously pruned to retain its flavour and do justice to the mission.

Buy this book only if you are interested in a radical transformation in your business.

I wrote this book and I know it worth, and I will suggest every determined entrepreneur and creatives should get a copy and study every page to full understanding.

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