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7 secrets of Highly Successful Businesses

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Who is Elon Jobs?

Elon Jobs is a serial entrepreneur, technologist, marketing consultant, content creator, and the seasoned author of the bestselling book, Catalysts.

As a passionate entrepreneur, Elon dropped out to self-learning software development and marketing. He started his first company, Futurex Digital, as a digital empowerment brand in 2016 and scale the team to over 80 staff with over 100M in sales by 2020, having worked with over 15,000 businesses in the last 8 years.

Like he always does, he quit everything and spend all his earnings to build the eCommerce software platform, Kitcart, with a strong conviction of its need in the market.

7 Core Elements That Make The Big Difference

Outside the walls of chemistry, to the world where value exchange hands and customers acquisition strategy seems to be the most pressing concern and a mythical venture within no man's grabs. 

Catalysts are about seven secrets that matter the most and how to harness them to your advantage. There might be more in the future. Why should you spend a dime on this book? The principles in the book are timeless principles that help you get the most out of your business. They increase the rate of returns and make your business a lot easier to scale and keep up with.

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