Who Is Elon Jobs?

Elon Jobs is a tech entrepreneur, co-founder and CEO of Kitcart Technology, a globally recognized speaker, world-class software engineer, content creator, and business leader. 

With a passion for empowering individuals, he has dedicated his career to inspiring transformational change and fostering the growth of leaders and game-changers worldwide.

In 2016, while still in university, Elon Jobs founded FutureX Digital, a digital agency that quickly gained prominence under his leadership.

By leveraging his software engineering and business strategy expertise, he grew the agency to achieve annual revenues exceeding 100 million Naira by 2020.

Yet he could not have enough. He wanted more so he ventured into the world of startups where having recognised the limitations of existing e-commerce platforms like Woocommerce and Shopify, Elon Jobs invested $100k of his own money and co-founded Kitcart.

Kitcart is a cloud-based e-commerce website platform that helps small businesses create online stores, websites, and landing pages to sell products to customers worldwide.

Through Kitcart, he revolutionized the industry by providing flexible, optimized solutions that empower businesses to achieve sales automation and increased profitability.

As the CEO and Chief Content Officer, he leads a team of talented designers, developers, marketers, and engineers towards the company's vision of empowering businesses worldwide.

As a sought-after global speaker, Elon Jobs has captivated audiences with his aggressive and energetic speaking style. He challenges popular opinions and encourages critical thinking, pushing individuals to question established norms such as money, marriage, personal growth, happiness, relationships, and business.

 Through his engaging speeches, Elon Jobs inspires a generation of doers, table shakers, creatives, and industry leaders, encouraging them to pursue purpose and make meaningful contributions to society.

Beyond his speaking engagements, Elon Jobs is an accomplished content creator and author. His books, including "Shirtless Millionaire," "Catalysts," "Threshold," and "Dear Elonaire," offer valuable insights and inspire readers to unlock their potential for wealth creation and personal growth.

With a significant following on social media platforms and as the host of the podcast "Threshold: Minimum Criteria," he continues to share his expertise and thought-provoking ideas on entrepreneurship, leadership, and success.

In addition to his entrepreneurial pursuits, Elon Jobs is a respected business consultant, working with top businesses worldwide to develop concrete marketing penetration strategies, enhance operational efficiency, automate processes, build strong brands, and execute innovative marketing campaigns. His unconventional ideas and fearless approach challenge the status quo, paving the way for transformational change and sustainable growth.

Driven by doggedness and resilience, Elon Jobs has overcome numerous challenges and failures throughout his journey. His unwavering determination has been a key factor in his success, fueling his passion to inspire and guide others towards achieving their full potential.

With a mission to grow 40 million leaders and game changers globally, Elon Jobs envisions a future where industries, media, innovations, creators, and the human race expand to new heights.

Through his inspiring work and unwavering commitment, he continues to make a lasting impact, inspiring individuals to embrace leadership, challenge conventions, and drive positive change.

His portfolio of companies includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  1. Afination.com -- An Affiliate Marketing Platform
  2. Cowritar.com -- an SEO writing solution
  3. Coursonic.com -- a digital learning software platform
  4. Elonaire.com -- a co-investing platform
  5. Linkflit.com -- A link and invoicing platform
  6. Mailergram.com -- email marketing and automation platform
  7. NamePython.com -- a domain provider platform
  8. usekitcart.com  --- an ecommerce software platform
  9. trydroppa.com -- a dropshipping platform for local products
  10. Trider.app -- logistic management platform


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