Is life about trial and error?

Someone said “Life’s about trial & error” in a WhatsApp group I belong.

People started applauding his “amazing piece”. I never cared about his train of thoughts that landed in Norway until I saw an Elonaire approving the dumb philosophy. So I wrote this short letter to our beloved brother before he went astray.


Dear Elonaire,


Do you know why the “Follow” button suppose not to work?

(Don’t even try, you’ll probably guess wrong 😑.)

It doesn’t fit the economist model for a “rational man” (homoeconomicus).

If you follow me, and I don’t follow you back, I become the “social media influencer” and businesses come to me and shower 🚿 me money to reach you. Buy me cars and sponsor my expensive trips to Maldives 🇲🇻. While you get nothing. Absolutely nothing, but tons of unsolicited ads my advertisers hope to steal money from you.


It’s all loses for the followers, right?

But why then do we follow?

(try answer the question before you read further)







I follow Asake, Seth Godin, GaryVee, and Elon Musk on X.




It’s simple. I want to avoid “trial & error”!


I don’t want you to ask me what’s the latest song from Asake and I start gagging. Or what is the new marketing and content creation trick, and I run off the road 🛣️.


Our forefathers know this and create pathways and markers in the forest so they don’t get lost while hunting. Aristotle documented his knowledge so we don’t do “trial & error” on covered grounds.


Do you know what 4% rule says?

96% of things you want to do have already been done, find the best map and the shortest route 🗺️. So if it’s only 4% that you have a chance for unique input, why prioritise “trial & error”? 🤷🏾‍♂️


Why make life about the 4%?

(Which I even doubt it’s up to that with the advent of AI.) Between 96% and 4% which one is greater?


You know the answer.

Life’s not about Trial & Error if 96% of it doesn’t have to be. It’s important we take on our life adventures and take some risks and open new paths for the coming generations.


But it’s not what this life is all about.

Enjoy the mundane routine of the 96%.

Stop hunting hunting for the rollercoaster of uncharted territory. It has its place, but it’s not everything life’s about. If you think I am wrong, when you wake up tomorrow morning, try use your head instead of your legs to walk to the toilet. Or plug yourself into the electric socket near your bed to see if you can get charged like your phone. And when you’re rushed to the nearest hospital, please consent to be treated by one of the “trial & error” doctors in attending.


We might probably learn something from those experiments.🧪 

I hope you get the point.

Peace ✌️


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