I made my first 100 million Naira online. If you're finding it hard to navigate your way through making money online, You need to take whatever I tell you seriously.


There are tons of money-making opportunities online but most people find it hard to make a  dime because they lack  clarity and direction. Making money online today is by far the easiest knot to crack, Unlike 5, or 6 years ago when taking payment from clients was a huge problem. Today, all the barriers that should hinder one from making money online have been shattered. I still find it amusing when people complain about not being able to make money online.




Before we talk about making money online let's be clear on one principal fact. Sales is the only way money can be made. For you to make money you have to sell something.  The same rules apply to the internet. If you wanna make money online, you have to sell something either a product or service. Whichever works best for you. 



However, figuring out what to sell is where most people hit a roadblock. There is no rocket science here. You can choose to sell any product as long as it is legal in your country and you have the capital to get started or you can choose to sell a service by offering to help people in need of it. In this blog post, I'm gonna share 4 practical ways to make money online.




I made over 100 million online selling logos, flyers, and animations to customers online.


"Don't clap for me, don't clap for me🤭...."


I know it's surprising but graphics designing can make you a hell lot of money if you have the skill. People still need graphic design. You can still make money being a graphic designer.


The process of getting clients is simple. You can join freelancing platforms Like Upwork or Fiverr, and create a compelling portfolio that will make you stand out. People looking for talented designers will hire you on the spot.



If the freelancing idea is not your thing. Then you can try promoting your brand through paid ads. I'm sure on Facebook or Instagram there is a brand somewhere that needs a graphic designer. 



Or you can become the wolf of IG and  hunt for clients. This was one of the strategies that made us millions back then.  It still works today. What you do here is that you search for brands and business pages on IG with poorly designed flyers or logos. Offer to design a new one for them either for free or for a minimal charge. 90% of them will agree, so if you DM 100 brands per day there is no how you'll not get clients.




Personally, I've hired Graphic Designers for various Brands that I've worked with. And most of them earn 100 to 300k per month. If that's not a bad figure for you, you can apply these strategies.


If you're not yet a professional and you're looking at doing some projects so that you can start building your portfolio, reach out to me.





You can make money as a website developer. Whether you learn WordPress hosting or you can code, you can make tons of money.


There are a lot of businesses out there that need a website. The market is still big. So anybody can make money offering web development services. The good news is that with Kitcart, 90% of the work is done for you already. Probably the only thing you will do is to get your client on standby. 


Kitcart is pocket-friendly, has different plans, and Flexible payment options your clients will love. Also, you can charge your client a service fee and still earn a commission as an affiliate when you use Kitcart to build a website for your clients. Moreover, it takes less than 5 minutes to build a website on Kitcart. The list of benefits is unending, check here for more details.




The benefits of having a website as a business are numerous. From global visibility to seamless sales on autopilot, you're doing a lot of businesses a favor by offering to build them a website. Overall, you can make 100k to 1M just by using Kitcart to build a website for clients.






There is a huge market for mobile app. A lot of brands needs mobile App developers to develop apps for their platforms. Being a mobile developer is a good way to go. You can make tons of money doing that.


Sometimes, a website may not be able to handle a ton loads of traffic. When this occurs, the best way to go is to build a mobile App. Some brands are ready to pay thousands of dollars to have their own Mobile App built for them.



If you have the skills in programming and all the requirements, then I see no reason why you should not be making money. You have to place yourself in a position where you can be seen as available in the global market. That's why you must have an active Twitter account, and create a LinkedIn account. Be where the opportunities are and you'll be found. I've made thousands of dollars building Apps for various international brands. So these are not mythical stories 






The idea that writers don't make shit loads of money is a lie from the pit of hell. Writing can make you tons of money if you know how to write quality content and can write on publication platforms like Medium and the rest. Once You figure out how to write quality content with good headlines join your medium partnership program. And begin to earn in dollars while doing the thing you love most.


There are other aspects of writing you can explore to make money. People still make money from copywriting. SEO writing is still very much a cash cow for people who know what they're doing. One of my mentees is making about $500 to $1000 weekly through technical writing. So writing is a very profitable skill.


There's A Space For You

for all of you that stick around.The bonus is that you can be an affiliate marketer which is the source of all wealth online. If you can help somebody sell their products, whether through writing, whether through design, or whether it's through YouTube content, you can make tons of money. That's the extra point.


Another additional point, you can be a content creator, but that will take you a hell of time before you start making money. But it's something for you to consider.


There are tons of other ways of making money online I haven't explored. Maybe I'll do part 2 of this blog post. However, making money online is not rocket science. 


If You want me to talk about any other way of making money, leave a comment below. Thank you!





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