In a world where everyone is primarily concerned about what you bring to the table, being valuable and indispensable has become very crucial. I understand that this is a hard pill to swallow. And far be it from me to sugarcoat any of my statements today. But if you ever have any shot of being great in life, you've got to let these words sink in. As Robert Greene Author of The 48 Laws of Power, would rightly put it, "The end game of life is to be irreplaceable" That means, Becoming one of a kind. Just like how till the world ends, There can be nobody like Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, Leonardo De Vinci, Napoleon Bonaparte...etc" There should be nobody worthy enough to bring the kind of value you bring. Becoming indispensable and irreplaceable does not happen by accident or chance. It is not a mere fiction of imagination. Don't get me wrong! You're allowed to dream. You're allowed to see yourself building empires and doing crazy things that will put your name on the sands of time. But there are requirements. "If wishes were horses all beggars would be riders..." ~proverbs. There are certain laws you must adhere to, there are certain traits you must possess, and there are certain lifestyles you must imbibe. And there are the ones you must do away with too... However, To become indispensable there are four essential components that one should never lack





You can't be a walking bag of meat! A useless Son, Her Mother's favorite! If you can't do anything for anybody, you're as good as dead. If there is no money in your pocket, you are a total waste! Learn a skill, get a job, and start a business. Don't be useless! There is no way you can reach the fullness of your potential without being competent enough to give value. Competence comes from a place of mastery. Assuming you started learning a skill like coding when you were fifteen, today who know what you would have become! The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago, the second best time is today.


The competition you get to face is becoming deadly...You're not the only one trying to be great. You're not the only one trying to get that job, promotion, start that business, win that contract, get that customer. The only way you can secure your place in life is to be way too good at what you do! The whole world seems to be obsessed with competent people.The beauty that emanates from being competent attracts the great and mighty. Being competent goes beyond merely possessing knowledge; it involves applying that knowledge effectively in various domains of life. 

MEDIOCRITY IS RISKY, It will kill you!

Life has always been about the survival of the fittest. The past two years have been a tough one for the tech industry. Again this goes to proof that your lack of competence cannot be hidden. Do not get carried away by a good economy, benevolent government policies, and money. Most people were until the massive layoffs that eventually took place last year. Only competent individuals can survive the heat when it comes.


Embracing a growth mindset...

One thing most people don't know is you don't become competent automatically. It takes a continual learning process to build valuable a set of skills. Prioritize self-development. The 1% per day growth formula will change your life. Seek to learn something new every day and apply them to every area of your life.


The aggressive pursuit of success comes with its own baggages. Be prepared for it. You will burn out! You will get tired! That's not strange. As Robert Greene would put it, in one of the 48 laws of power; " DO NOT GO PAST THE MARK YOU AIMED FOR; IN VICTORY, LEARN WHEN TO

STOP" Learn when to take a break...



No man is an island. It takes more than just a tree to make a forest! We are social creatures, and our connections and relationships play a crucial role in shaping our journey. Remember, Who you know is what you know, and Who knows you is even more important. Building a strong network can make all the difference, especially if you come from humble beginnings. If you're not from a rich family, a rich family must come from you. Being part of a community allows you to tap into a collective wisdom, shared experiences, and a sense of belonging. Don't be deceived. Success is not solely achieved through individual efforts but often through the assistance and mentorship of others. Surrounding yourself with like-minded, driven individuals can propel you towards your goals. When you immerse yourself in a community of ambitious and accomplished individuals, their energy and determination can inspire and motivate you to push your limits. Jim Rohn once said, "You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with." If you surround yourself with individuals who lack ambition or a growth mindset, it can hinder your progress. Choosing to be part of a community that fosters learning, growth, and positive thinking can shape a more successful and fulfilling life.



Associating with wise and experienced individuals can significantly impact your decision-making and problem-solving abilities. In a supportive community, you can seek advice, gain new perspectives, and avoid potential pitfalls on your journey to success. Get yourself in the circle of success, and success will rub on you. If you're not in my community, click here to join my Telegram and WhatsApp groups. Don't waste your life, amongst fools. You need to be in the league of wise men.



Character is the foundation on which a meaningful life is built. If you lack Character it is over for you. No matter how intelligent you are, no matter how competent you are, if you lack Character like Honesty, integrity, and accountability nobody will trust you, Nobody will Welcome you. Nobody will open doors for you. Nobody will want to be with you. and when people can't trust you, they cannot do business with you. Character defines who we are, shapes our actions, and influences how others perceive and respond to us.

The secret key to Building Relationships...

Your character plays a pivotal role in fostering meaningful relationships. People with strong character traits are respected and admired for their authenticity and reliability. Trust forms the cornerstone of any relationship, and a person with a solid character is more likely to be trusted and valued by others.You should be a force to reckon with, not an object to discard, But it is your character that will build you.



 It is not the root of evil! Find money where you can get it. Look for it in the days of your youth. You need it to start a business.You need it to invest in your future.You need it to take care of your family.You need it to be valuable in the society Don't plan to save tomorrow, save now. And when you have enough, invest it. Is too late to cry when the head is off. Find the people with capital and provide them value. Sell something, solve problems. That's the best way to make money!




How you do anything is How you do everything. Becoming indispensable is a height every human should strive to attain. Remember nothing lasts forever. You will not live forever. Therefore, leave a legacy that will live long after your time on Earth is gone.

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