4 Reason Why You May Never Make Money Online

It's 2023, and a lot of people still believe that making money online is a hoax. While they're busy wallowing in doubt, billions of dollars exchange hands daily. This sad reality is what I want to shatter today.

The internet was invented to make life easy sharing texts, images, and mails and the advent of digital payment and ecommerce comes along with making money online. The crude mind that enforces labour for wage and disconnects value from money ended 50 years ago. 

If you are not making money off the internet, you are at least 50 years behind the normal people on Earth.

So the real question is: when are you planning to catch up?

Whether you live in a third-world country or your city is on the moon. As long as you have access to the Internet, you're sitting on an opportunity to make a decent living off your phone that you're wasting.

It's not a Gen Z thing. Making money online is for everybody. Both for The young geeky and hippy Tiktokers walking around with cameras and ring lights, to the grumpy necktied Pops and Moms.

There are no reservations, the internet has no discrimination. But if for any reason you're finding it hard to have your piece of the pie, here are four reasons why you are not making a dime off the internet.


I know you're tired of hearing all this motivational jargon, but when it comes to making money online, seeing is not believing. You might likely not see a dime jump from one person's pocket to another but there are billions of people exchanging money and carrying out various business transactions right now. Whether you believe it or not, people are making money online and there is evidence for it.

We all mocked Peter Obi for being a social media president in. Yet he garnered 6.1 million votes and won in Tinubu's Lagos in the the just concluded Nigeria's 2023 General Election Presidential elections. 

Every user online is someone like you who is scrolling through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram with money in their bank account. And if you're ready to offer that person what he wants, he's ready to pay you.

Doubting the money-generating power of the internet is foolishness. A 2019 study for the Internet Association believed it to be worth US$2.1 trillion to the United States’ US$20.5 trillion yearly GDP.

As long as people are spending money online, there are businesses other there, on the receiving end. Making money online is not a myth. If it was, Jeff Bezos of Amazon wouldn't have built a $1 trillion company on the internet. 


Everybody making money online is selling something, including the notorious yahoo boiz. At the least they sell smoke screens and failed to fulfil their clients orders!

What are you selling?

If all you do is mindlessly scroll through Facebook and wonder like a lost child on Instagram, spending time and data on Sabinus and Verydarkman. Just kiss your chances of making money online goodbye.

Whether online or offline, money comes by exchanging values either in the form of a product or a service. Irrespective of what you want to sell, the internet has a wide army of customers waiting to choke you with their money as long as you can solve their problem.

But No! You don't have an offer. You don't have a skill, and you don't sell anything. It is nobody but your fault that you're still in the dark.

The best part is that you can start a business online for almost free.

 There are services and businesses you can do to make tons of money that require little or no capital. Anybody serious can start from zero and get to millions in a short period.


It's no new news that scammers exist everywhere on the internet. It's part of the negative effects of the internet but it doesn't negate the fact that there are genuine people and businesses. 

The fact that scammers are everywhere on the internet is not the bone of contention. It is the fact that you always fall for their lies and promises every time, that's the issue.

As long as you continue to follow all those people that promise to make money overnight, or make you a billionaire in 3 days. Or you give yourself to professional gamblers and every content creator asking you to use their promo code.

If you expect yourself to be making money while the people you flock to are not bringing value to your life, you need a hard mental reset!

It's easy to make money online but it's not cheap. It comes at a cost.

You're either spending your time or your money. Anybody that offers anything different from this simple formula is out to reap you.

Anything that disconnect money from value will land in disaster.


"The person with the most attention makes the most money." 

People are loud on the internet. The length at which people are going just to get attention is mind-puffing. If you don't find a way to get attention in this noise, no money for you.

Whether it is through TikTok, a trending Twitter account, or becoming a content creator on YouTube or Instagram. Whatever makes you go viral and puts you in front of millions of internet users should be a priority.

Because it is the only way your dream clients are going to find and do business with you.

 If you can't find the time to create content, utilize Paid ads and other forms of publicity so that your business or services will be shown to thousands of potential customers. No man is an island, and you can't achieve anything in isolation.

As long as you continue to hide in the shadows of the unknown, you are not ready to make money online.

If you don't know where to begin your journey to making money online. Join my Telegram and WhatsApp community, where you'll find passionate and like-minded people looking to dominate and make net-breaking cash online.

See you soon!


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This was insightful. Most people wallow in desperation to make money online without the right information... Hence they end in financial detention. I am glad you brought this up Elon Jobs.



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