It used to be a sweet story until I experienced my first robbery.


 God knows How I did not pee on myself that cozy evening. I was walking down the street, my street that I could swear was the safest place on Earth. The state police headquarters was just a stone's throw away from where I was standing. 


All of a sudden 3 guys jumped out of nowhere, one with a cutlass, the other with something that looked like a gun. I can't tell if it was real or fake. The only thing I could tell was that Time paused and in less than a second, I was face flat on the ground.


"Gimme your phone..."

"Gimme your phone before I shot you...."


That was all I could hear. "Oga I do carry a phone..."

Oga I no carry phone...."

Only God knew when I added, "Make I pull my trouser give you...?"


Funny, right?


But that shit scared me to death.

Now Imagine that scene going on in your life every goddam day!

Well, it is already happening if you're facing these 4 common roadblocks to success.



Some people are enemies to themselves. They're responsible for all the wrong things going on in their lives. Self-sabotage occurs when one continues to behave in certain patterns that are destructive to him or herself. These could be some actions, beliefs, words, and company a person keeps.



Self-sabotage doesn't just destroy you, it robs you of the opportunity to do anything meaningful in life. Think about that for a second. Most times, nobody needs to be an obstacle in our way. We are the ones that put rock in our own part.



 I dropped out of school at 400l so that I don't get the option of a 9 to 5 job. Because I wanted to eliminate all of my options so that I could focus on my dream. I have always wanted a life of freedom. Freedom from any form of modern-day slavery and bondage. That level of focus enabled me to build Kitcart to the level it is today.



If your dreams are valuable to you, don't sabotage yourself with anything short of it. Whether it's a job, a side hustle, or a side chick. Put all your eggs in one basket and carry it carefully to where you're going. Chasing your dream is a risk worth taking and with enough focus and determination, you will eventually get there.



That's why you must get rid of every self-sabotaging habit. Stop drinking, stop smoking, stop womanizing, focus on yourself and your continuous growth, and you will see yourself at the top.






Don't bear all the burdens in your village. You are not Jesus, you didn't come into this world to die for others. You have your life ahead of you so focus on building towards your dream. How do you expect to build towards your dream when every other person depends on you to survive?



Helping other people is not a crime. I help people too. You have to know where to draw the line. How can you just get married and assume the financial responsibility of all your wife's siblings on your 200k monthly salary? That's financial suicide.



You have to know the difference between financial suicide and giving. There is a very thin line between the both. You can't be giving away what should be the financial seed for your future, how do you expect to save? Do you even have a long-term investment?



Remember I did an entire video on this statement, "Don't begin a pattern of expression you cannot sustain" and a lot of people still don't get the message. Quit carrying burdens that are holding you back from pursuing your dreams.




You cannot continue to give in to your addiction every time and expect different results. You have to work on your addictions. Replace them with productive habits. If you continue with those destructive habits, you'll squeeze off all your chances of being successful. Remember if you continue to do everything that is comfortable you'll never get to anywhere that's profitable.



Get rid of your reptilian brain. Put on your big-boy hat and embrace your journey to success. Most times the reason why people get addicted to the wrong thing is that they run away from bearing responsibilities. Drinking, smoking, and womanizing doesn't change the fact that you're still going to experience certain realities in life.



No one is going to escape the bitter-sweet experiences of life. So life is not always going to be filled with the good things. When bad things happen, take it in good faith. Know that it's just for a moment, after that everything will be alright. Getting addicted to things that will kill you just because something bad happened or a loved one died is foolishness in capital letters.





"Show me your friends and I will tell you who you are..."

For a very long time I didn't understand what this statement meant until I met my friends. Together we've built a level of success I didn't imagine was possible by myself. friendship have always been a crucial part of my life. I am always careful of the people I relate with cause I have a dream and I don't want anyone to crush it for me.


Your friends design who you are. If you're friends with 5 rich people, there is no how you're not going to be the 6th rich person in the circle. If you're friends with 5 fools, you're the 6th fool. Value the kind of relationship you build. We are social creatures and our environment has a huge impact on our personality. 



"He that walks with the great, shall be great..."

If you're looking for a community of die-hard go-getters. People who want to be successful in life, click here to join my community.




Like I said in the beginning, it's easy to accuse other people for our failures in life when most times, we are responsible for our downfalls. Get rid of these cold-blooded roadblock robbers in your life, and watch success crumble before you like a child.


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