If getting customers online still looks like inventing fire for you, you have no business being an entrepreneur. 


We're in the golden age of the internet, everything has been simplified. There is an exact strategy for getting things done. Having predictable and consistent customers banging your Dm and closing those insurmountable figures shouldn't be rocket science.


I'm saying this because I have a business too and I have mentored and helped thousands of entrepreneurs out there who will never complain about sales in their life again. I know what works because I have made them work and they have worked for other people too.


As a software company, working with over 30,000 clients in a year is not an accident. And it is wisdom to always find results and seek clarity from those who have them.


I have applied these strategies and they worked for me. So here are 4 absolute ways to get customers online.


1. Conversations:

Everything starts with a conversation. The sales, the partnership, the relationship, the sex, etc. Conversation is the gateway to getting anything you want from people.


Therefore as a brand interested in making a lot of sales, you want to start conversations with potential buyers.


You can do this using cold outreaches(Dm) to potential buyers(leads) or running ads that bring the leads to your Dm. More on ads in a bit.This works for both service-based businesses and businesses that sell a particular product.


I know the question in your head right now is, "How do I know the right leads to cold Dm?"


The truth is, there are no right or wrong leads when it comes to cold outreaches, you just have to get better at picking the leads to Dm and play the number game. However, there are a few things to keep in mind when cold Dming. 




Whether you sell a product or offer a service, your offer is for a particular audience, not everyone. And it addresses a need. So you want to find people with those problems and present your solution to them. In other words, you need a do a little research on the kind of leads you want to reach out to. Find out about what they like and who they like and follow online.




This is one of the brilliant Ideas I learned from Seth Godin's book, "This is Marketing". Human beings are social animals and we like to spend time with people we share an ideology with, passion or Language, and even challenges too. That's why you'll find thousands and Millions of people following celebrities, influencers, and even IG pages and communities like Yabaleft, Instablog, Legit, etc.


There are Go-to pages for every niche online. Go to those pages and Dm their followers. You can start by offering a free or low-ticket but high-value product or service to them. Convincing them to make these little commitments is how you turn them into lifetime customers. So start Reaching out to people today.


One way people blow up their chances with cold outreaches is by using a boring script. Your cold outreach script should not be more than 2 or 3 sentences and it should go straight to the point.


For example, let's say I want to sell ads fixing services, here's what a cold Dm would look like; 


"Hi, good morning. Recently a lot of fashion brands have been complaining that IG is blocking their ad account. 

Are you having this issue with your page?


Let's help you fix that today."


So this way I'm getting a straight answer, yes or no.


No script is perfect, you'll still find leads that will ignore you no matter what you tell them. That is why I keep telling you, to play the numbers game. In the long run, you'll add a few customers to your list.



This might sound wrong but before you go on to judge this strategy find out why first. Only 30% of the people who indicate interest in an ad online actually buy the products or services. So a lot of times, about 70% of your competitor's leads are left unattended too. If you're smart, you can DM them and give them a better offer, as long as you're able to deliver on your promises and solve their problem, you're good.


I don't know if this sounds unethical to you, but it's something that has worked for me, and I'm sharing my secrets so it can also work for you.



Content is King. 

 Content is the long-term game you play to win the hearts of your customers for free. In less than a year, my content has reached over 2M people online. That will cost me millions of Naira If I have to pay for that. Although I did pay somehow, I paid with my time, energy, and resources to make that content.


I shared all my secrets about content creation in this course, it's just 10k click here to check it out.




The first reason why you should be creating content is authority. People listen and follow people they perceive as authorities. When you create content you position yourself as an expert on your niche, that way, people will value your opinions and consider your judgments as sound. This will make them do whatever you tell them to do because they see you as the specialist.


The second reason why you want to create content is to increase sales. Look at the progression, first, you're an authority in your space. People love you, they do whatever you tell them to do. Now it's that authority you can use to drive traffic to your website or Dm. And boom, you're closing the sales without Magic.


Finally, traffic. Imagine having over 2 million people seeing your content every day. You will be able to drive more than enough traffic to your offer, your website or any other means you use to convert sales.


Content is the new oil well online. Now is the best time to start making content online.


If you don't know where to start from, You can get my course on content creation. I provide all the information you need to make your content creation journey fruitful.

Click here to get started.



3. Campaign:

With the right paid ad campaign, you can be well off on your way to massive sales. Paid ads still work. A lot of my mentees and clients are doing millions of naira in sales per day because of paid ads.


 What you need is to figure out a couple of important things Like your ad content, whether it is copy, image, or video content, you have to make sure it is promotion-worthy and can influence your audience to take a particular action.


But for a start, I will advise that your ads should be video content that is 30 to 90 seconds long. This resonates well with a lot of people online and stats show that video content has more conversion rate than images and text.


Another important factor you must bear in mind is the platform you want to run ads on. In my course, I highlighted the difference between platforms and their culture online. Some platforms work for certain products or services, and some don't. 


For example, if you sell high-ticket products or services like real estate, skincare, coaching programs, etc. Facebook or TikTok might not give you a good return on your ad spend. You want to focus your ads on people who have the kind of money to purchase your products like IG, YouTube, Twitter, etc.


Again, Your ads have to target the right audience. This is where a lot of people get it wrong. Except you have a different objective other than sales you can show your ads to everybody online. But if you're sure it's sales you want, you have to show your ads to only people who are highly interested and can afford your product or services. If you can't do it yourself, find an expert in digital advertising and pay them to do it for you.


Finally, leverage on influencer marketing. This is one of the best ways to utilize paid campaigns. Pay influencers to market your products to their loyal followers online. Since they have authority, you're sure to get plenty of customers and sales from it.



Build a community of loyal fans and customers where you can sell your product at any time. 2 months ago I launched 20 slots of a 50k coaching offer and it sold out within a day. That's 1 million naira in a day. Aside from that, I have launched other products like my courses or the e100 membership slots which are doing amazing figures at the moment.


When you build a community of die-hard ready-to-pay customers, you can them to pay for  your offers back to back. So start building a community. Create a WhatsApp group, and start a Telegram channel.  


There is no way you will follow all this strategy and not make sales. I guarantee you that half way into these steps, you will not have to sleep a day without customers banging your DMs with orders.


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